Chin tuck surgery addresses the loose, baggy skin under the chin often referred to as a ‘turkey’ neck. It is also used to improve the contours of the neck, removing the ‘banding’ created by the long muscles in the neck called the platysma bands. This area can be a perfect ‘store’ for stubborn fat that, even once lost, can leave unsightly loose skin.

With advances in surgical techniques and in the hands of a skilled surgeon, the scars from this procedure are hardly visible and can be completely hidden. We’ve perfected the chin tuck, giving many patients the perfect jawline and ridding them of their ‘turkey neck’ with no tell-tale signs of surgery. The procedure is performed under local anesthetic and is suitable for both men and women.

We use Chin Tuck Lift surgery to correct:

  • Irregular chin and jawline contours
  • Double chin
  • Post-neck lift surgery corrections
  • Following severe weight loss to remove a ‘turkey’ neck

Treatment time

This procedure takes about an hour and you can return home almost immediately.

Recovery Time

We ask patients to wear a compression garment for the first 3 days following this surgery. There may be some swelling and bruising, so for these reasons we recommend patient take 5-7 days out of their normal work and social commitments.

Results Duration

Particularly if this procedure is performed with fat removal, the results can last 5 -10 years and beyond.


What type of scars are there with a chin tuck surgery?

The scar placement is dependant on what we are trying to achieve. Some patients just require an upward lift, which means a small incision, no more than 4 cm long, is placed in the existing crease under the chin. For those patients with more excess skin or very strong platysma banding, a T-scar can be performed. This vertical scar will be barely visible once healed.

How would I prepare for chin tuck surgery?

Prior to surgery we ask you to follow some pre-operative instructions. Smoking and alcohol can contribute to poor wound healing and bruising, so we ask that cigarettes and alcohol are avoided two weeks before and after surgery. We have prepared a list of medications and foods that should be avoided before surgery and these will be given to you at your consultation.