Surgical Face

When we look in the mirror, what we see doesn’t always match the younger person we feel inside, and surgical face lifting can address this. With many different techniques available we will guide you through the process, making sure you get a bespoke treatment based on your individual needs.

Many of us simply believe that lifting and pulling back the skin will give us the results we want. How many of us have stood in front of the mirror and lifted our cheeks up with our fingers and said, ‘I just want to look like this.’ There is a huge amount of complex understanding and skill that goes into getting you not just the results you want, but also results that last.

Our face is made up of many structures that are layered over each other and each one must be carefully worked on to create a beautifully natural lift. One of the biggest worries with this type of surgery is the visibility of scars. So we take our time making sure we get it just right. Your face is safe in our expert hands.

We use Surgical Face and Neck Lifts to:

  • Lift and reposition sagging skin in the neck, jowls and mid-face
  • Reposition facial contours
  • Tighten slack muscles to support the overlying skin

Treatment time

This will depend on the procedure and can take several hours. We like to take oh time to make things perfect .

Recovery Time

It is recommended that patients take 7 to 14 days off their normal work and social commitments following the procedure. After surgery, the face can be noticeably swollen and there is likely to be bruising. Facial movement are restricted for several days afterwards and a head garment is worn continually for the first 3 days.

Results Duration

The results are expected to last for 5 to 10 years.

Treatment Price

Prices start from £2,900

Lifestyle Facelift

Lifestyle Lift offers a revolutionary approach to facial rejuvenation. By eliminating the dangers of general anesthesia, substantially reducing the cost, and shortening long recovery times, Lifestyle Lift is a better and safer alternative to traditional procedures.

Mini Facelift

Mini facelifts are less invasive than the full on surgical facelift, and leaves minimal scarring. They have the same desired outcome of a tightened, more youthful looking face and is done under local anesthetic. However, in a mini facelift bio-compatible wires are threaded under the skin and tightened to lift the face and Botox is used on certain areas of the face.

Also, dermal fillers and hylaronic acid are injected to fill out the skin and give it a plump look, and skin rejuvenation injections are also applied.

A mini facelift's effects will last around two to five years.


When do I know I’m ready for a face and neck lift?

There are many options available, both surgical and non-surgical. We look after our patients with non-surgical treatments until it’s time to have surgery. Many procedures are performed under local anaesthetic if appropriate and recovery is much quicker than years ago. Dr Glancey will discuss your options and explain which ones will be the best and most appropriate for you.

Will I have to stay overnight in the hospital after a face and neck lift?

Most patients do not have general anaesthetic for these procedures and it is usually safe for them to return home a few hours after the surgery. Regular check-ups are scheduled for you to make sure that all is going well. This suits most patients, as they feel far more comfortable recovering in their own home.

Will I have visible scars after the surgery?

We all heal differently and before your surgery you will be asked about your personal experience with scars, which will be considered when planning your surgery. Incisions are made in places that are hidden and covered so you can expect mid-face lift scars to be just inside and around the ear. Neck lift scars are hidden in the hair and cannot be seen. We offer advice on scar management and after 6-12 months face and neck lift scars are barely visible.