Hair V Go is specifically formulated to reduce fine downy hair from the face and body. With very few options available to effectively reduce this type of hair, Hair V Go offers a safe, pain-free and proven treatment option.

When lasers and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments are unsuitable, Hair V go offers an ideal solution to remove and reduce excess hair. It works by removing the hair below the surface of the skin. Hair V Go breaks down the protein structure, dissolves the hair and is simply washed away. Fortified with panthenol and special oligo proteins, it leaves the skin beautifully smooth and clear, feeling soft, radiant and beautifully refreshed.

We use Hair V Go to remove:

  • Fair (unpigmented) hairs from the face and body
  • Downy, fuzzy, fine hair on the face

Dark hairs from areas that are unsuitable for laser or IPL treatments

Treatment time

This will depend on the area being treated. Facial areas take around 30 minutes and larger body areas take up to 60 minutes.

Recovery Time

None! The skin may be a little pink and we ask that no make-up is applied for 24 hours following the procedure and it is protected from the sun. Most patients leave with very little sign of treatment.

Results Duration

Once a course of treatment has been completed with sessions spaced 6 – 8 weeks apart then maintenance treatments are given every 4-6 months to maintain hair-free skin.

Treatment Price

Prices start from as little as £20


Will Hair V Go damage my skin?

No. In fact Hair V GO will leave the skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated. Over the years we have used this product we have found that our patients’ skin has improved in a similar way to using regular light chemical peels.