LABIAPLASTY (Designer Vagina)






Labiaplasty (Designer Vagina)

Labiaplasty reduction surgery at our private clinics. Performed by Dr Lucy Glancey and her all female team. We understand how women can be affected with this area of their body making them under-confident and embarrassed. There are many reasons why women seek treatment with many finding they are unhappy after childbirth. Some find they can’t wear the clothing they want to or participate in sporting activities. This can lead to lack of sexual confidence and self-esteem

Labiaplasty reduction surgery can restore your confidence with your body and let you lead the life you want. When it comes to this kind of surgery women generally find it easier to discuss their problems with another woman. Dr Lucy and her female team understand the embarrassment that women have about their bodies. We offer a discreet, private and safe environment for you to explain exactly what you are unhappy with and give you the results you want. Whilst this is generally an area that is not exposed we understand you want as perfect results as possible without scarring. We can guide you through the Labiaplasty reduction surgery options giving you the most preferable for your needs.

We complete Labiaplasty to:

  • Remove excess protruding labia
  • Balance symmetry with uneven labia folds
  • Rejuvenate the labia following pregnancy, injury or illness
  • Bringing the labia together if they have come apart after pregnancy or child birth

How else we can improve the pubic area in women

  • Volume replacement for volume depleted labia which can appear “droopy”. This can be done by a fat transfer or filler
  • Shaping the mons pubis area by removing excess fat via liposuction or if too much sagging the so called “mons pubis lift”

Treatment Time

This will normally take 45 – 90 minutes.

Recovery Time

The labia is a vascular structure and heals very quickly with recovery time taking around 7-10 days. However, we do advise that you refrain from heavy exercise and sexual activity for 4-6 weeks following the procedure.

Results Duration

This procedure is permanent, giving you long-term confidence.

Treatment Price

Prices start from £2,500.


How will I feel after my Labiaplasty surgery?

You will feel a little uncomfortable for the first 24 – 48 hours. We do apply topical pain relief after surgery and this will help you get through this initial period. Following this time, you will feel a lot more comfortable and can move about and sit down without much discomfort. We do suggest you refrain from heavy exercise and sexual activity for 4-6 weeks after the surgery.

Will the Labiaplasty affect sexual sensation?

Labiaplasty surgery does not affect the nerves that are responsible for sensitivity therefore it will not directly heighten or repress your physical sensation levels during sexual intercourse. However, surveys completed by women who have had labiaplasty surgery have shown that their sexual enjoyment can improve, and this is attributed to their increased confidence.

Will the surgery leave scars?

There are many ways to perform labiaplasty and the best one for you will be planned and discussed with you. Generally the texture of the labial fold means that scars are barely visible and can be hidden following the contours of your body.

What are the risks of labiaplasty surgery?

Complications are rare but the risks include infection, bleeding and nerve injury.

It is normal for the vaginal walls to relax as a result of pregnancy, child birth and age. This can affect women’s sex life and confidence. Above all they might be issues with urinary stress inconvenience which many women are embarrassed to talk about. Votiva is a new revolutionary radio frequency based non-surgical vaginal tightening treatment that could improve quality of life post childbirth and during menopause. It can also help vaginal dryness. It improves the appearance of the external genitalia too. For those that need a more dramatic improvement of the external genitalia it can be easily combined with labialplasty which was less possible with the surgical vaginoplasty. FDA approved, safe, comfortable, non-ablative so less chance of infection, no chance of burning due to the temperature sensor safety cut off. The procedure is performed by Female surgeons.


Illustration showing before and after labiaplasty.

Dr Glancey is president of the British Association of Body Sculpting (BABS).

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