The lip lift is a surgical procedure designed to reduce the distance between the top lip and nose. The distance between the base of the nose and top lip should be in proportion with the distance between the lip to chin. This ratio is difficult to correct with a conventional lip-filling procedure in those patients where there is more than a 50-50 imbalance. An elongated top lip can be ageing and unflattering and can be due to one’s natural anatomy or as the face ages and the top lip gets thinner.

The procedure is performed under local anesthetic, does not affect the lip movement and is suitable for both men and women. Facial proportions are extremely important when planning this type of surgery and it takes a keen eye for aesthetics and symmetry to be able to ensure the ratios are achieved perfectly. By reducing this distance in line with the correct facial ratios, the whole face can be rejuvenated, giving a beautiful ‘up-turn’ to the top lip, with more pink upper lip showing and exposing the teeth which were hidden under the long top lip.

We use Lip Lift surgery to correct:

  • The elongated distance between the upper lip and base of the nose
  • Create an ‘up-turned’ top lip showing more of the pink body of the lip and giving a fuller appearance without filler
  • Exposing the top teeth in smile that would otherwise be hidden

Treatment time

This procedure takes under an hour and you can return home almost immediately.

Recovery Time

The area under the nose, along the natural line, is stitched and these stitches are removed one week after the surgery. There may be some swelling and bruising, so for these reasons we recommend patient take 5-7 days out of their normal work and social commitments.

Results Duration

The lip lift offers long-term results and patients find the correction to last 5 years and longer.

Treatment Price

The cost of the procedure is £3,000


What is involved with the lip lift surgery?

A local anaesthetic is injected into the upper part of the mouth to completely numb the area. A short incision will then be made under the nose, as close to the natural line as possible. A small piece of skin is removed and then closed with stitches, which are removed 5-7 days following the procedure.

Will there be scarring?

The incision line is placed very close to the base of the nose and it is a ‘short’ incision, which means it doesn’t extend beyond the width of the nose. The amount of skin removed is normally millimeters and so the scar heals very well and is barely visible once healed.

How would I prepare for the lip lift surgery?

Prior to surgery we ask you to follow some pre-operative instructions. Smoking and alcohol can contribute to poor wound healing and bruising so we ask that cigarettes and alcohol are avoided two weeks before and after surgery. We have prepared a list of medications and foods that should be avoided before surgery and these will be given to you at your consultation.

How long is the recovery time from lip lift surgery?

Patients usually have a short recovery time after their lip lift. The stitches will be removed 5-7 days after surgery and it’s at this time that you are able to move your mouth as normal. Patients return to normal activities after 5 to 7 days following surgery.