Dr Glancey clinics offers permanent lip implant surgery at our private clinics. We aim to enhance the lips to complement your facial proportions and look naturally beautiful. Lip implants offer a permanent solution for lip rejuvenation.

We use Permalip™ - a soft, flexible silicone implant that integrates perfectly with your own lips, allowing full range of natural movement without restriction. The PermaLip™ implant is the only CE Marked medical device designed exclusively for lip enhancement and it has FDA approval in the United States.

PermaLip ™ comes in three sizes and three lengths so you can be sure you will have the right fit for you.

We can treat both lips or, when symmetry is the main concern, we can treat one lip only. PermaLip™ is an implant that is surgically placed in the body of the lip for permanent results. However, it can also be easily removed in the future if needed, giving you peace of mind.

We recommend lip implants to:

  • Restore lost volume through the ageing process
  • Create volume in naturally thin lips
  • Those patients that are not suited with the conventional filler approach to lip augmentation
  • Correct asymmetry and balance of the lips
  • Create ‘projection’ in the lip which would otherwise be ‘flat’
  • Achieve harmony with other facial proportions

Treatment time

Depending if one or two implants are being used, the surgery will take 30 – 60 minutes.

Recovery Time

Following surgery, the lips will be noticeably swollen, and bruising is to be expected. Movements of the mouth are restricted for several days after the surgery and we recommend that patients take 7-10 days out of their social and work commitments.

Results Duration

PermaLip™ implants are permanent, but because of their unique design, you always have the reassurance that they can be removed at any time.

permanent lip before and after lip implant section copy

Before and after PermaLip™ lip implants

permanent lip aug before and after lip implant section

Before and after PermaLip™ lip implants


Is PermaLip™ safe?

Permalip™ has undergone extensive clinical testing and has CE marking in Europe and FDA approval in the Unites States. Permalip™ is made of soft, solid silicone, which is tapered at each end to match the natural shape of the lips. The implants cannot leak or rupture because they are solid and don’t contain silicone gel. They are designed not to integrate with the surrounding tissues, which means that they can be removed years after they have been implanted.

What does the procedure involve?

PermaLip™ implants are placed in the lips using local anesthetic similar to when you go to the dentist. Two small openings are made in each corner of the mouth and the implants are inserted using a special tool, which pulls the implant in position. The entry sites are closed using dissolvable stitches. Typically, this will take between 30 to 60 minutes. Most patients relax in the clinic before leaving and returning home.

Are there risk with the PermaLip™?

As with any surgical procedure there are risks and these are explained at your consultation. We offer patients a course of antibiotics that will lessen any risk of infection. Patients will experience swelling and possible bruising following the procedure and should allow 7-10 days out of their normal social activities.