Dermal Fillers for the body


The plumpness in our Hands is lost with age, and we start to see the veins on the hands of the more prominent.

Many patients complained, their hands does not match their face. We can use fillers  in  combination of techniques in order to achieve both volume and improvement of skin texture We choose fillers that are suitable for this and have a good longevity of the results.

Sunekos cell

Whis is a new technology that improves the appearance of cellulite. It’s an injectable that can mask the dimples of cellulite and can improve skin elasticity.

Hip dips

they are very big problem for some patients who find that wearing tight clothing creates unflattering shape and filler can be placed in this areas to make the ships more round with a convex shape flowing from the waist down to the legs without any gaps. The cost depends on the amount of filler used, but it’s starts from £1800 to possibly £2800

Filler for buttock augmentation

For very slim patients who have not got enough of their own fat we can put filler in the buttocks and hips in order to improve the shape and volume. This is achieved with a special formulated buttock filler. We select the appropriate method and filler for that purpose.