Creating beautiful lips combines both art and science and it takes experience, knowledge and skill to understand the proportions of the lips and also the face in order to achieve the correct balance. Certainly, when it comes to lips, one size does not fit all! Lip fillers are now one of the most popular cosmetic procedures and it’s important you choose to have this treatment with a medical expert who fully understands the anatomy of the face to avoid the risks that we have unfortunately seen with non-medical procedures.

Our aim is to create a naturally balanced lip that works in harmony with your facial features. Dermal fillers are used to define and enhance the lips and the area around the lips. There are many reasons why patients may choose to have their lips treated using Dermal Fillers:

  • To restore lost volume that is seen as the lips age
  • To hydrate dry, unconditioned lips
  • To balance the symmetry of the lips
  • To define the lip border to prevent ‘bleeding’ of lipstick
  • To smooth out lines above and below the lip
  • To lift droopy mouth corners

Treatment Time

Lips can be sensitive, and most patients worry about how uncomfortable the procedure might be. We have several options to help with this and most patients come a little earlier for their treatment to have a topical anaesthetic mask on the lips, which takes 20 minutes to completely numb the area. The actual treatment then takes 10-15 minutes.

Recovery Time

There can be some initial swelling following this procedure and this can take 24 – 48 hours to subside. Lip fillers can sometimes cause bruising but this can be easily covered with make-up.

Results Duration

Lip fillers last for 6 months but in some patients can last much longer and following a course of lip fillers, patients find they can go longer between treatments.

Treatment Price

We offer a range of package to make the lip filler procedure more affordable. Prices start from £150


Before and after lip augmentation


What product is used to treat the lips?

We only use hyaluronic acid filler, which is a non-permanent, water-absorbing, mouldable product. This will give the lips a soft, natural look and can be fully reversible if needed. There is much media attention over lips that have gone wrong and it’s important that we reassure our patients that our aim with lip treatments is to achieve a natural lip that is proportionate to the facial features.

Will my lips swell after the lip enhancement?

Typically the lips will swell for the first 2-3 days following the procedure and will settle fully by one week. In most patients this is not too noticeable but in some patients the swelling can be more so. We always suggest having a few days clear of social activities. There is also the chance of bruising but this can be covered with makeup.

How often will I need to have the lip enhancement?

Because we would never use a permanent filler in the lips and only use hyaluronic acid fillers the treatment will last 6-10 months and in some patients even longer. Typically with repeated procedure the length of time between treatments becomes longer. In some of our patients who have been having the lip enhancement for some time we can offer a more permanent solution with Lip implants.

I don’t want to look like my lips have been ‘done’ but just want a subtle look. Is this possible?

Most of our patients do not want the procedure to be too noticeable. We can create beautiful, natural enhancement by softly defining the lip border and rehydrating the body of the lip without giving too much volume. However for those patients that do want a more ‘volumised’ look we can do that also. We also offer combination treatments for full rejuvenation results in this area.

What are the correct lip proportions?

When deciding how to treat your lips we would look at the face as a whole to ensure we achieve the correct facial proportions. The lips are made up of several parts that need to be considered when deciding on a treatment plan. The perfect lip proportions should be one third for the top and two thirds for the bottom. When these ratios are changed then the lips start looking unnatural. We also look around the lip at the lines and volume loss and also look at the lips from the side profile as the ‘projection’ needs to be in line with other facial features.

Does the lip filler hurt?

The lips can be a sensitive area so we want to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. The fillers are already mixed with anesthetic, which makes the treatment far more comfortable. We can also apply a lip mask prior to the procedure, which numbs the lips and can also help avoid bruising. If the patient doesn’t want to feel any pain at all then we can offer the so called Dental block which is similar to the injections you get at the dentist except it doesn’t make you numb for so long. That provides full pain relief but potentially more swelling and bruising .

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